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Freshman Class


Welcome Freshmen!

Welcome to High School!  The High School process begins with the 8th-grade counselor meeting with each 8th-grade student and family in the winter of 8th grade to go over high school courses and graduation requirements. An overview of the courses a student will take throughout HS is discussed, as are student expectations and general high school procedures. There is a Freshman Orientation that takes place prior to the beginning of school in freshman year.  Students learn about school procedures regarding course changes, progress reports/report cards, how to request a schedule change, attendance guidelines, and extracurricular activities. They meet the high school administration, their counselors and the support staff.  The students are then given a tour of the building by their Peer Leaders. Throughout their Freshman year, students will participate in the Princeton Freshman Peer Leadership Program where they will meet in small groups to acclimate to high school, discuss social emotional issues among peers, learn greater social skillfulness and get mentoring from high school seniors on how to navigate the high school experience.    IN addition, students will also participate in Freshman Seminars through the 1st marking period.  These Seminars will be 20 minutes in length with a counselor and the social worker.  Introductory topics will be addressed - among them:  chromebook access, portal logins, course of study, various forms of support etc...

Freshman Year

Create a high school plan

  • Make sure you know what high school courses are required for graduation and that you’re taking the right classes starting this year.  Your counselors are here to monitor and assist you in selecting courses.
  • Get to know the levels of courses offered by your school.
  • Get to know your counselor.  We will be meeting with each of you and your families individually.

Take an interesting or challenging class

  • You will be taking at least five solid academic classes every semester. These usually include classes in English (Language Arts), math, science, social studies, foreign languages, and the arts. Try an interesting elective or a class that you might feel is challenging for you.
  •  REMEMBER:  Sometimes a study hall somewhere during the year in your schedule is not such a bad idea. Use it to your advantage!  Some ideas for that will be provided to you in your Freshman seminars.
  • If you are struggling academically, socially or emotionally, we can help.   See your counselor, the school social worker or school psychologist.  We are here for you!

Join a club.Club Fair will take place in Late September Read and write as much as you can

  • Go beyond your reading and writing assignments in school. Reading books and magazines, keeping a journal or blogging can help you improve your writing skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Select an activity or sport in which you can participate