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Naviance Information

Naviance/Family Connection is a software program accessible from the Hastings High School Counseling Website by clicking here.  Hastings High School requires students to use the Naviance/Family Connection program during the college application process in order to manage communications between the Hastings High School and college admissions offices, including letters of recommendation.  This program also allows students and their parents to determine the student's learning styles and career interests and to research colleges and to assist with the application process.  Parents and their students each have their own "log in" for Naviance/Family Connection and can use the program independently.

Naviance FAQ's:

How do I access Naviance/Family Connection?

Click on Naviance

Students:  to obtain a login to Hastings High School Family Connection:

1.  Get a password from the Counseling Office.  Your own login gives you access to your personal data.

2.  For your user name, use your Hastings High School email address.  Naviance/Family Connection sends you important information during the college selection and application process.

Parents: to fully access the program and to see your student's information, you must obtain your own login by emailing your request to the Hastings High School Counseling Assistant.

Are parents' and students' views of the site the same?

They are very similar. Information on searching for schools and scholarships is the same. Here is where the information differs:
“About Me: Surveys” are different. The Letter of Recommendation surveys are used for the student’s guidance counselor to write a letter of recommendation for the student. The student’s questionnaire and the parent’s questionnaire are different. The survey answers are confidential. Only the student’s guidance counselor can view both surveys.
“About Me: Goals,” “About Me: Resume’s” and “About Me: Game Plan” are different. Only students can add/delete goals or change a resume. Parents only view the student’s goals and resume.
“About Me: Journal’s” are different. It is for the student’s private use. The student chooses who can view the journal: parents, counselor or no one.
“Colleges I’m applying to” is for student use only. Parents can add colleges to “Colleges I’m applying to,” but cannot delete them. Only students have access to their college applications on Naviance.

What if you have multiple students at the Hastings High School?

If parents have multiple students at Hastings High School, the parents can access all of their students’ accounts from the single parental “log in.” 

How do I find information for a specific college or university?

After logging into Naviance, click on the colleges tab. Then, in the search for a college field, enter the college or university’s name, leaving off the word “College” or “University.”

As a parent, how can I help with this process?

9th grade:

  • Talk to your student about the results of the learning style surveys and goal setting that he/she took on Naviance/Family Connection.
  • Visit the Fairview Counseling Office to get a password for Naviance/Family Connection.
  • Take some time to get acquainted with Naviance/Connection by exploring the different tabs.
  • Attend Freshman information nights offered by the Counseling Department - past Parent Presentations can be found here

10th grade:

  • Talk to your student about the results of his/her personality survey, career exploration, goal-setting and 4-year plan.

11th grade:

  • Talk to your student about possible majors, colleges and careers. Naviance/Family Connection can be very helpful with this.
  • Assist your student to sign up for the SAT, the ACT or prep classes. Go to the HHS Counseling & College Placement Tab for testing information.
  • Help your student determine which colleges he/she wants to apply to.
  • Encourage your student to attend College Rep Visits to Hastings High School in September-December. This is an inexpensive way to get information about a college he or she is thinking about.
  • Parents are welcome to attend but are asked to sit toward the back and defer to students during Q&A sessions.
  • Attend college information nights offered by the Counseling Department - past Parent Presentations can be found here.
  • If possible, visit colleges with your child. (Many schools will have visiting days with lots of helpful information, such as the Engineering Day at Manhattan College, for example). 

Fall of 12th grade:

  • Help your student determine the colleges to which he/she wants to apply.
  • Fill out the Parent Brag Sheet to assist your student’s counselor in writing your student’s letter of recommendation.
  • If possible, visit colleges with your student. 
  • Ensure that your child applies by the appropriate admissions deadlines and that all the required information is sent to the colleges. Your student can use Naviance/Family Connection to help them keep track of these details.
  • Start looking into Scholarship opportunities that can be found under the Scholarships tab in Naviance.  

Spring of 12th grade:

  • Help your student determine which college he/she will attend, based on acceptances, finances and campus life.
  • Apply toFree Application for FInancial Student Aid FAFSA.

What are the top 7 ways to use Naviance/Family Connection?

  1. View the Scattergrams to determine how your student’s GPA and test scores compare to other Fairview students who applied to the colleges you’re looking at. The Scattergrams tab is located under the colleges tab. Please keep in mind that this information is not 100% reliable.
  2. Students should be sure to enter into their Naviance/Family Connection account all of the schools they are interested in.
  3. Use the SuperMatch college search or college search to find schools that meet your criteria. The programs are laid out differently but do the same thing. Try both to see which one you like better.
  4. Use colleges I’m applying to to apply to college.
  5. Use colleges I’m applying to to track your application status.
  6. View my personality type assessment tool to determine how your student’s personality is connected to potential majors and career clusters (related careers).
  7. Use college compare to compare your students' test scores and GPA with several schools at once.

Any questions, please contact the Counseling Office.