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School Counseling

Welcome to the Hastings High School Counseling Department  

The Counseling Department at the Hastings Schools seeks to provide services that recognize and value the academic, social and emotional well being of each student in the district.  Counseling services play a crucial role in supplying students with the knowledge and supports that they need in order to plan an individualized program of study that will lead them to graduation and prepare them for life beyond high school, whether they choose to pursue further studies on a collegiate level or enter the work force directly after graduation.  

At Hastings, each student's counselor works with the student to assist in the student's total development: intellectual, physical, social and emotional.  Consultation with other support staff, parents, and teachers assists the counselors in helping the student plan a program of studies that is suited to the student's abilities and goals.  Special services are offered by the school to students who are in need of extra support.   

Students and parents are encouraged to meet individually with their counselors to discuss educational goals, future planning and any concerns that they may have.  Individual conferences with parents, students and teachers can also be scheduled for the purposes of communicating and exchanging important information that might be needed to facilitate working together for the student's benefit.  These appointments should be made through the Guidance office. 

The Counseling Department provides counseling on a broad range of issues.  Transition into the ninth grade, developing four-year plans, working with students through the Peer Leadership program, assisting students on advocacy skills, and encouraging and supporting students to become contributing members of the high school community.  As sophomores, the focus is educational and social issues with an introduction to career exploration.  During junior year, students begin to look at post high school options.  A systematic approach for the college search and application process is emphasized.  For our seniors, the counseling office will continue to support students in any post-secondary planning that they may have as well as assist with senior year internships.